correspondence, cough syrup, calligraphy

I have work to be catching up on, this weekend.  Finalizing the design of a suite of invitations (faire-parts) for a lovely Parisian bride who will be saying "Oui" this summer in Provence, as well as mixing a custom ink color (in a signature French Blue!) for the envelopes of a beautiful set of Letterpress invitations and insert cards for another expat américaine who came to me for the bespoke calligraphy of her gorgeous wedding stationery...  I'll have the printed materials in my hands tomorrow, and must be ready to go with the addressing.  I can SEE my desk from where I lie, surrounded by tissues and a growing collection of tea cups, trusty orange fur ball by my side.  And I am itching to get to work, and I'm bored of being ill.  

Yesterday I was actually too sick to get out of bed all day.  I finally succumbed to the rhume that's been making the rounds of my entourage (kids, yoga students) for the last 10 days, and only really came down with it the other day.  There's no calligraphy while the hands are shaky from fever, and no yoga while the mere idea of ujjayi breathing sets me into a coughing fit.  Wish me luck today-- I'm going have a bath, drink some spicy soup, and try to put pen to paper this afternoon.  

I will say, though, it's terribly nice having Paul come home and deliver to me my letters in bed, and for one of them to be this amazing Poisson d'Avril from the completely amazing JP Panter.  I absolutely love the friendships I'm forging with other calligraphers and artists from around the world.  

poisson d'avril