New Year's Day

misty morning

misty morning

2013 starts out softly, contentedly.

Paul brought pre-practice coffee and water up to bed, and we snuggled each other and the cat for half an hour before going downstairs to light the fire.  Things had to be put in order and some dinner mess from the night before had to be dealt with, but the silence was nice while I washed the dishes in hot water and put the kitchen back to rights.  Children filtered in and had their breakfasts.  Chatter, jokes, resolutions for the new year.  Sweep up the cinders, the fire roaring now, and remember that in 2013 the geo-thermal heating will go in and I won't forever be sweeping up ash and dust ten times per day.  Lots of good things to come, lots of changes. 

Our pre-agreed Granny practice after the NYE champagne of the night before was just Standing, then urdhva dhanurasana and savasana under wraps.  I've come away to journal a little about my plans and projects for the new year and to post something here.  Paul's downstairs making a celeriac and assorted root-veg soup and the good smells are drifting up to me here on the 3rd floor. 

Wishing everyone peace and happiness.  Big love.