This one has been an exceptionally beautiful November, so far.  Rounding twisty mountain roads in my car, I routinely happen upon scenes of such startling autumnal beauty--fiery reds, bright golds, cerulean blue skies and those purple mountains in the background--that I am moved to shout expletives to myself in my little Citroën, and sometimes to pull over the car.  Si possible.  



It's always at this time of the year, as any trace of sunkiss that summer left has faded out of my complexion (save for the freckles; they don't forget), that I begin thinking that I ought to have been born a redhead.  I must have only narrowly missed it -- there's a lot of red hair on my Dad's side of the family, and I certainly got the skin tone.  

Every fall,  just as I see the trees turning, I start dreaming of a turning a gorgeous shade of russet, too.  I kind of forget that I've done it -- twice.  And while I could have passed as a real ginger, I didn't feel like myself.   And getting it back out of my hair and to my natural blonde was a nightmare, both times.  I'm a pretty light ash blonde, and the sun brings me up even lighter and whiter in the summer.  They call it blonde suédoise in French.  Those red haircolor molecules are the most stubborn of all, and during the transition period back to blonde, I'm left with a rather unrealistic brassy yellow that won't let go.  Not to mention the fried texture.  Sigh.  

Though... Pinterest has lots of strawberry blondes to tempt me again.  Auburn waves would probably be too dark.  I begin to be seized by the conviction that I've exactly the natural, um, pallor to pull off titian.  Pre-raphaelite.  It could be perfect.  Here's my current inspiration:



Copper penny red.  So soft and dreamy.  I, too, could dress in floaty ivory and gold paillettes and rock the brown mascara.  White skin looks so perfect on redheads.  With red hair, I'd probably be less tempted by the sun.  I'd be better about wearing sunscreen.   

But it will happen again...  I will want to wear red lipstick and it doesn't work on me with red hair... no matter how becoming it is to Joan Holloway.  I have an awful lot of pink and raspberry and red in my wardrobe, none of which will look good anymore.  And I'll just feel...  different.  Which is kind of the point, but still.  

If I do it, I'll post pics.  Maybe I should hold off for now, because there is another change coming anyway.  I finally saw an eye doctor, which I was told to do about 8 years ago during a routine exam for my French identity card.  I've been prescribed glasses for the weakness in my left eye that makes it hard a little hard to read road signs, and may account for me feeling that I need to hunch over my calligraphy just a little bit.  Glasses.  Here they are on another blonde suédoise to help me feel inspired.  

Maybe not too much change all at once.  Fall will come around again before I know it and I'll have many more chances to make like autumn leaves.