Knockout gorgeous

November 2, 2017.jpg

Dear Tess,

I love this idea of leaving little missives for each other on our own blogs.  This is instalment 1.  

I had blogger's block all day yesterday, and in an attempt to get the better of it, I refused to look it in the eyes and hoped it would get bored and peckish and wander off of its own accord. I'd wanted to set down a few lines here for you, but a great many little tasks crowded in to occupy my hours while I was feigning to snub the syndrome de la feuille blanche, anyhow. (Do you ever get it?)

Client emails to answer, printing jobs to chase up for delivery details, calligraphy to digitize for holiday dinner invitations and cartes de voeux. I did take my computer to the park with me when lunchtime rolled around and the day was too dazzling to pass up (deep blue sky, russet leaves fluttering on the breeze, low warm sunshine pooling golden on my favorite bench...An absolute gem of an early-November day, doing her best impression of late-September)...but nope.  No writing happened. It was no good trying to read off the shinyshiny screen of the macbook so I gave up and sketched in the book you made me, on your last night in Paris. I love that book to distraction, I'm telling you. It's the most perfect book that ever there was, for drawing and jotting and journaling. Plus, it reminds me of you. 

What news? Booked tickets yesterday to go Home for the Holidays. Oui, chérie. Michigan calls, and my papa's buying a large bird. I'm overdue to cuddle on the couch with my dad and his dog.  The TV will be blaring. I'll drink wine with my brilliant sister and raid her closet. I'll squeeze my oldest friends and kiss the babies who've happened on the scene since last I was Stateside. I'll surely annoy everyone by going on about how massive the refrigerator is and how I could live comfortably in the drum of the top-loading washing machine, and other pretentious expat culture-shock stuff like that.  

Bisous xx

(Suzanne's my middle name ;)

PS, gentle reader--  The name Elizabeth has about 25 diminutives and today I went with Tess. I may call her something else tomorrow. That's how we do. ;-) Ms Duvivier blogs at Mystic Vixen.