day off

Try for an on-purpose rest day, after a very busy couple of weeks.

Leave phone on charge in the other room, and re-read the last few essays in Durga Chew-Bose's new book Too Much and Not the Mood in bed with coffee. After finishing the last page, smoosh the book to your face and hug it as you used to do when you were little and not not ready to be separated, quite yet, from the book-world.

Pour a G&T when the late-afternoon brings a spiky stab of anxiety and you worry about tout et n'importe quoi. Skim Mary Oliver's introduction to your new edition of Emerson's Essential Writings. Notice that outside, the sky over Paris has been code-switching all day between a fine but very steady wetting rain, and a cheery clear blue. It's cycled at least three times today, but gently. Comme back to the page. Smile reading of how Emerson was enthralled by Leaves of Grass, but tried earnestly to get Whitman to make it a little less sexy. Flip to his essays on Friendship.

Pad back out into the kitchen for a snack. A friend who doesn't like Americans' way of hugging on everyone has filled your refrigerator with little barquettes of love from a Greek épicerie. Dolmades, caviar d'aubergine, tzatziki, even though you had to flake out on her Thursday and stay home waiting for a delivery all day.  She is a gem.

Think how a walk would be virtuous, but today feels meant for staying in, burying your nose in book bindings, and napping with paperbacks.