… IN LOVE, that is, with my new penholder from Brian Smith of Unique Obliques.  And how.  I scurried right over to his Etsy shop to leave feedback, only to find that as it had arrived ahead of ETA, Etsy won’t let me say anything about it just yet.  I must wait for the 2nd of October.  As I do not have the option to crow about it over there, I just thought I would wax poetic about it here.  What I said chez Brian at Esty, but couldn’t publish today:

"Brian, this is the penstaff that has been missing from my hand !!!  You are a genius. J’ADORE. "


Perfect weight in the hand, elegant length, perfectly canted flange… a dream.  I’ll certainly be a collector!  RUN to get one of these, you won’t regret it.