around these parts

Summer was sweet.   

There was busyness, with calligraphy commissions, and with helping Paul a bit, being a jack-of-all-trades around the house and with his work.  There’s been yoga with my core group of super-disciplined students who continue their practices straight through les grandes vacances, and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them bloom throughout these summer months as the warmth spread into their bones, joints, and connective tissues—this is the time of year when the impossible becomes possible.  Suddenly there’s that elusive bind!  there’s the lift!!  there’s the strettttchhh.  Ahh.


There was my birthday, and city trips, and days by the sea, and apéros taken in the garden when the day cooled by a degree or two and everything was quiet, except the cicadas chirping and the ice cubes clinking in the rosé.  

And most recently, some new friends and new opportunities.  An expansion of our little ‘Club Ashtanga’ to a new space.  Watching my schedule filling up, filling out a little more. It’s all very good.    

On to la rentrée!  This is the real beginning of the year, as everyone knows.  The kids have their school supplies, their pencil cases, their tubes of gouache and their cahiers, and so do I.  In October I’ll be participating in some calligraphy classes at the Musée du Scribe in St Christol-les-Alès.  I’ve got my eye on a new penholder from Unique Obliques  to complete the back-to-school feeling.  And, by the time our little Franco-Anglo-American contingent is celebrating Thanksgiving, our home sweet home will have seen some more major refurbishments and we’ll be dining on our Tofurkey in style.  

Ah, there is is!  Autumn.  The cherry tree is already turning.  Happy 1st day of September.