Last week, I was forcibly adopted by a cat! 

I was coming home from work, and stopped to pick up a few things at the InterMarche.  When I was walking back to the car, I saw a nice orange cat come running across the parking lot toward me.  He was mewing with a little creaky voice.  I crouched down to see if he’d let me scratch a little behind his ears, and he jumped into my lap.  He was purring loudly, and rubbing his head against mine.  I could see he was a tom, and that he had no collar.  Right away, I called Paul (who was also on the road coming back from work) to tell him that I’d met a Nice Orange Boy in the parking lot of the Intermarche.  He figured I was talking about some guy giving out oranges in the parking lot, for a promotion at the supermarket ;-)  He told me that he’d be passing the shop in a few minutes and would pull in to see me.  The cat didn’t leave; he sayed stuck to me!  When Paul did arrive, the cat began to pay him similar attentions.  Very affectionate.

The cashiers inside told Paul that the cat had belonged to a family who moved away, and now the cat was always at the Intermarche’s Café begging for croissants.  They were hoping we’d take him home, as none of them could, and not all the clients appreciate having Mister around meowing for breakfast while they’re having their coffee. 

So!  I have a cat!  I’ve been wanting one for so long, and he is so adorable.  He eats his dry food, he sleeps in our bed, he goes outside to have a sniff around but he always comes back.  He’s going in for the snip on Tuesday next week, because I can’t have him peeing on the boys’ trainers even though he’s not done anything nefarious and Tomcatty so far.  I’m not sure how old he is.  I’m happy!  I have a nice orange cat!  I call him Bill.  He’s a nice boy, Bill.